Dangerous Dreams  

                             Becoming smaller and smaller

The wave grew larger

The self refuses to move

The sea spray drips cold tears from my eyes

The loons cry is both inside me

And out in the fog 

There was a word or sound I needed

To call back in reply

But my mouth hanging open in emptiness swirls the sea waves

In echoes and hushes

The waves crush on craggy rocks

I can’t as I did as a child

Dive under and out the back to safety

The loon could. 


One Response to “Dangerous Dreams  ”

  1. Bravo

    When I was younger, I used to put things into wax and cut them so thin that they would show up under a microscope…… I would stain them and place them between a large slap of glass and a fine slider of glass.
    When I look at these images, they seem to be the same process, but you have done it with your mind.

    I am not sure that I would have the courage to do the same with my images.
    Then Again………

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